Ožujsko name originated from the Croatian word for month March, „ožujak“, because it has traditionally been considered the best month for brewing lager beers. On the other hand, nickname Žuja came from consumers as a sort of a shorter term for Ožujsko.When thinking about it, having a nickname means someone considers you close, considers you to be a part of a group or a team, so we decided to use this connection our consumers made with our beer and continue to communicate it.

When it comes to Zagreb and its citizens, Ožujsko has a direct connection with it as it is its birthplace. Zagrebačka brewery has been part of not only working life, but also cultural one since its opening in 1892. Zagreb is our home and Ožujsko is proud to be its favorite beer and growing as such each year. This makes us proud, not only because it is a reflection of succeeding in our goal to delight our consumers and bring them only the best quality of beer, but also, it tells us that we are good neighbors.

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Warmer seasons are ideal for trying our Beer Mixes – Ožujsko Limun and Ožujsko Grejp. These flavored drinks mixed with beer offer thirst quenching refreshment and are excellent choices for both men and women. Whether relaxing on a beach or just in need of one, our Beer Mixes are a perfect choice. And low alcohol enables you to continue afterwards with your daily chores and responsibilities. So, just tune out all the background noise, chill and enjoy the moment!


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It is a ritual and an absolute must! Involves hours of sitting and socializing while sipping a cup of coffee. Male, female, elderly, and teenagers – it’s for everyone, preferably outdoors! Let’s go for coffee – does not mean you have to drink one, it means – let’s go and sit together for hours. At these coffee’s people gossip, talk about politics, make business deals, negotiate or watch sports events. So, while in Zagreb (this counts for the rest of Croatia as well), slow down, take a moment, at least an hour break and HAVE A COFFEE!

KRAPINA-ZAGORJE COUNTY A fairy tale at hand!

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There are many reasons why Krapina-Zagorje county is known as a fairy tale at hand! Greenery, fresh air, winding roads, thermal waters, numerous churches and sanctuaries, a open-air museum and numerous Medieval castles and fortifications. The County is bursting with historical, monumental and cultural heritage! Despite the urbanization process, Zagorje has managed to preserve the magic of the country life, so your traveling experience has to include wine roads, vineyards and family owned restaurants. Indulge in gastronomic pleasures of exquisite indigenous cuisine.

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RELAX in the thermal spas and enjoy modern wellness treatments


In Desinić, late Medieval and Renaissance castle VELIKI TABOR

TRY traditional and homemade specialties such as ZAGORJE ROAST TURKEY WITH MLINCI (pasta tatters) or ZAGORJE ŠTRUKLI – cheese filled pastry in many family owned restaurants

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Life, death and rituals beyoond the Pyrenees!

 A wide-ranging exhibition on northern Iberians is displayed in Zagreb as a part of the European project “Archaeology and Iron Age Cultures in Europe”. More than 200 objects with accompanying texts and audio-visual facilities are displayed at the exhibition. The majority of artefacts were never displayed outside of Catalan museums, while many are now displayed for the first time in general.