The Borovo Company is the best-known shoe manufacturer in Croatia, having the longest tradition, heritage, and love towards shoes.

Founded in 1931, with headquarters located in Vukovar, during the past 85 years, Borovo has built its identity not only in Croatia but in the entire region by producing stylish, urban, sports as well as certified protective and work footwear. Materials used in production are all of the natural origins such as leather, 100% cotton canvas and natural rubber made from caoutchouc that is also produced in the factory. Following the idea of unique quality shoes, designers create simple yet modern and cozy footwear that is crafted with special care and love by at least 20 caring hands.

Brands like Startas, Boromina, Borosana, Rubber, My Ballerinas and The Big Blue, are modern and stylish shoes for different generations and lifestyles. Startas sneakers are entirely handmade, vegan, with coolest designs, available all over the world and featured in the most important fashion magazines, such as Vogue.

Stores you can find all around town:

  • Ilica 142, Ilica 295
  • Kvaternik Square 3
  • Dubrava 33
  • Tratinska 73
  • Grgura Ninskog (passage)
  • V. Brajkovića 6

Preradovićeva 16 25

+385 1 4854 552


Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-2pm