How were you introduced to the world of fragrances?

My love for perfumes happened very early in my life. I was introduced to them by my parents, who always appreciated a good perfume; and then we could say that the rest was history. “Unusual perfumes” specially grabbed my attention, so somewhere from the mid-90’s I have been exploring that wonderful world of niche perfumery. The scene was so small (professional-wise even today) that most of the people in Europe who were working with niche perfumes were known to me.

Can you describe the Croatian and world market development when it comes to niche fragrances? Which notes of fragrances are the most popular in Croatia and worldwide?

In Croatia we don’t have something what I can call a perfume industry, but I hope that will change soon. At the moment, we are facing a loud silence and that usually brings some creativity. If we talk about the world perfume scene, it is getting oversaturated with tons of new different brands, which, due to the quantity, have a hard time surviving. Trying to build something as a niche perfume brand ten years ago was much easier than it is today.

If we talk about notes; there are so many different ones, and I don’t like to put anything into clichés, saying what is popular or not. On the one side, something fresh; on the other, woodsy, maybe floral or super sweet. It is really up to the person to decide by her/himself what to choose as her/his perfume for the day/night, a special occasion, or just as a perfume collector. From what I can see, Croatians and visitors to this beautiful country are: perfume-trend followers, perfume-trendsetters or perfume individuals that just follow their nose.

Your perfumery offers many different niche brands. Can you tell us something interesting about these scents?

I try to offer perfume brands that give a practical answer to different characters that share the world we live in. Therefore, I offer a different style of perfumes in Top. From the minimalistic wow-effect approach like Escentric Molecules, to something with a dash of old-school charm like Perfumes Nicolai, or Eight & Bob that was a favorite JFK scent. Profvmvm Roma is here due to their hefty concentration of essential oils that developed beautifully on the skin, and all Xerjoff lines due to their richness and opulence that leave you breathless. Byredo represents a very interesting take on the Scandinavian perfume approach that I have liked from an early age, and Agonist also falls into that category. But, as you know, the list is never final, because my search for perfect scents always continues.