ArtOmat 5

ArtOmat 5
– a fair of unconventional things will take place from the 12th to the 21st of December 2014 in Zagreb’s iconic round building, the Meštrović Pavilion – HDLU.


From the get-go artOmat has been more than a typical fair, but rather an open forum and a refuge for transparent dialog that involves creative people from many branches of the industries. It was the first fair in Zagreb to combine art, design, craft and education all within the space of the pavilion, which consequently generated a unique place of creative fermentation. The 5th gathering of artOmat will recall its own past to mark the highlights of previous years. The best selection of local artist, designers and craftsmen will exhibit their affordable and unique works that are just the opposite of mass-produced goods. Educational art workshops led by local artists and designers place great emphasis on DIY culture. One-night exhibitions, a variety of amazing performances, concerts and events, which involve visitor participation, richen the experience and create a unique atmosphere of inclusion and solidarity.

Free entry and access to the programs – come and enjoy the uniqueness of artOmat! The grand opening is on the 12th of December from 7 pm to 10pm.


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December 12th – 21th 2014

Opening hours noon – 8 pm


Meštrović Pavilion – Home of Croatian art Association, Trg žrtava fašizma bb