Photography by Marko Vrdoljak

The picturesque and vibrant beat of the market is the true meaning of everyday life in Zagreb. Out of numerous markets that can be found around the city, Dolac is the most popular and the most charming one.

Situated in the city center, just above Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Dolac is the prime trading spot for most people in Zagreb. The local producers’ versatile offer of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat are superb and irrefutable. There are also stands with homemade jams, quality olive oils, cheeses  and liquors. Don’t miss the handmade lace tablecloths and decorative  items.

First thing you will want to do when you arrive at Dolac is to say hi to the statue of ‘KUMICA’ – the homage to the people that grow and sell their own products at the Dolac Market.

Winter working hours are from  6:30 am  to about  2 pm.