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Samobor is a beautiful and picturesque city in the near proximity of Zagreb. For many years and still today it is considered to be Zagreb’s favorite excursion site. There is a legend that Samobor was given its name due to the town being covered only by pine trees (Samo-bor= only-pine tree). Today the surroundings of Samobor are very green and there is approximately 200 km of marked hiking trails. So, if you enjoy nature, long walks in quaint forests with sightings of occasional rabbits and pheasants, take off to Samobor for an afternoon of relaxation.

An amazing view of old town ruins indicates a very rich and interesting history. It is well known that this city was a gathering place for the members of the Croatian Illyrian movement, and a desirable destination for poets, painters and all artistic souls. Today people enjoy Samobor for its nature, culinary delicacies, family crafted products and the amusing spirit of the Samobor carnival.


TRY SAMOBORSKA KREMŠNITA Traditional Samobor style creamy cake (custard slices), Bermet – sweet dessert wine and Samobor Mustard – a special kind of mustard prepared with beaten mustard seeds and cooked with grape jam.

BUY HAND-MADE PRODUCTS such as: gingerbread hearts, honey cookies, copper kettles, items made of crystal glass, natural cosmetics and candles.

VISIT SAMOBOR MUSEUM where you will discover everything there is to know about Samobor’s history, Marton museum – a private museum with an extraordinary collections of European porcelain.

BE PART OF SAMOBOR CARNIVAL (Samoborski fašnik) Let yourself go, be creative and enjoy the most entertaining event of the year!