Di Caprio by Varteks

Di Caprio by Varteks, premium fashion brand for men and women, represents the pinnacle of a 100-year-old tradition. Inspired by the Mediterranean elegance which allows for the most formal pieces to be worn casually. The perfectly tailored clothes reflect both the Varteks’ master tailor aesthetic and the modern age approach. The addendum by Varteks emphasizes Di Caprio’s quality and a stylish take on tradition.

You can also find Varteks stores in City Center One (Jankomir 33), Arena Centar (Vice Vukova 6) and Westgate (Zaprešićka 2).

Ban J. Jelačić Square 8, Ilica 34

+385 1 4870 346,


Mon-Fri 9am-8:30pm, Sat 9am-6pm