Throughout history people that lived in Zagreb for more than a few generations were called ‘Purgeri’. They were considered to be refined, cultivated and sophisticated. This is why it is no wonder that culture was a very important factor for the City’s everyday life.

Today, Zagreb has been portrayed as one of the cities with the most museums in the world. On the Zagreb Tourist Board’s website you can find 127 listed museums, galleries and art collections in Zagreb and its surrounding area, from classical to really quirky and interactive. Also, on Friday 30th of January 2015, visit the 10th annual ‘Night of Museums’, when the museums are open until midnight and the entrance is free of charge.

For an interesting experience visit the Technical Museum where you can get ‘electrocuted’ or get to know the great inventor Nikola Tesla. At the Archaeological Museum you can have a conversation with Nesi-hensu, a ‘naturalized citizen’ of Zagreb – the Egyptian mummy, but don’t expect for her to answer you back because she is a bit tied up. Whichever you choose, you will have a great time.