Croata is a synonym for cravat (tie) in Croatia, especially knowing that Croatia is the homeland of the cravat, wouldn’t you agree?

It is a historical fact that Croatia is the homeland of the cravat. We added Croatian heritage and traditional symbols to our design combined it with perfection in crafting and applied it to the finest quality silk. Our brand also has an amazing story behind it! A story of love and loyalty. You see, like many great things that have marked the history of mankind, in the story of the cravat, it began with and was inspired by love. In the Croatian folk tradition, a knotted scarf was an integral part of men’s formal costumes; Croatian girls tied scarves around their fiancé’s neck, especially in fateful moments, such as leaving for war, as a sign of their shared love and loyalty. The scarf thus became a visible sign of an amorous bond and obligation between a young man and woman.

As Head of Design, can you describe for us the process from the idea to the final product?

We are a big global company that is family owned and run, and although we have to satisfy demands of the market, our Croata cravats, scarves and shawls are made from the finest silk and in exceptionally small series, with considerable attention paid to the handcrafting. Special care is paid to the design, offering a wide range of colors, patterns and motifs. Our cravats and scarves are unique in that the motifs are chosen from the rich treasury of Croatian and world cultural and natural heritage. We have our own design studio and our own production facilities – one for silk garments and one for shirts all of which accounts for impressive production, skills, and modern know-how.

Many famous people wear Croata cravat. Can you name some examples and recognitions?

Croata cravats are tied every day by many businessmen in Croatia and the world, by diplomats, statesmen, celebrities. Even the American President Obama owns a Croata 1 (One and Only) cravat, as does the Japanese emperor, and many other presidents and well-known people. Fashion legend Pierre Cardin also recognized the quality and craftsmanship of Croata cravats and stated in one interview that Croata has the best neckties in the world!