Situated in the historical part of the city, Galerija Link has its door open for the last 20 years. How would you describe your offer?

Galerija Link presents works by Croatian designers and artists and its offer is very diverse. From designed postcards and souvenirs with practical usage, wall flower pots, ceramic, art pieces to fashion accessories such as handcrafted scarves, unique jewelry, handmade wooden glasses, bow ties and bags by famous Croatian brands.

As an owner of a shop which caters to the visitors of the city, as well as to a local audience, what can you say about the reactions of your customers on Croatian product design and its development?

I have to say that reactions are excellent! Local customers and tourists appreciate good design, original ideas, domestic production and high-quality craftsmanship. Croatian design is flourishing, given the development of tourism (particularly in Zagreb) and increased demand in all segments. There are certain problems associated with the production itself, such as the lack of some specific industries and the production costs are very high due to the “small” quantity but I think that eventually producers will be able to eliminate these shortcomings.

Galerija Link is a place of gathering for many artisans, designers and manufacturers; you even organize open events a couple of times a year. Can you tell us a bit more about these informal gatherings?

In the name of the shop there is a word LINK – connection (an idea I got while studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and I see myself as a good connection between designers and customers. I think that is very important to present a good product by someone who invested years of work, effort and attention. Due to the good cooperation with designers and artists on one hand, and buyers on the other hand, I like to organize fun events in order to promote the gallery and designers in a pleasant atmosphere. The events are open for public, so we invite everyone to come. The next scheduled event will be in September, please refer to our social media for all the details.