Where do you find inspiration for your products and what motivated you to create an ashtray named ‘Ashley’?

I design products, often regardless of the client because it leaves me a great deal of creative freedom and work without pressure. The ideas usually impose themselves on me and are a result of some sort of need or simply a solution to a problem.

Ashtray ‘Ashley’ was created in a similar manner. I thought about the fact that all existing ashtrays have the same solution for the cigarette slots. ’Ashley’ ashtray in my vision is a kind of a sculpture that does not have the exclusive function of the ashtray and can be used as a container for paper clips, coins and similar items. Therefore it can be interesting to a much broader audience, not just smokers.

Filip Gordon Frank_Ashley_03

Can you describe the process from idea to realization of your products?

I am the practical type and I react very quickly when an idea emerges. After the first sketch I go into the actual creation of the model. Sketching is more in the form of noting down ideas so that I would not forget them. An idea for a solution to a perceived problem is often brewing in my mind almost subconsciously and comes suddenly as a result of experience and earlier deliberations. If the product proves interesting and somewhat commercially viable, I will go into making a test series with the purpose of market placement.

Is there a difference in perception of your products on Croatian market and the foreign ones, and what are your plans for the future?

There is no specific difference, except the fact that the Croatian market is quite small compared to some other countries. A fair share of the local public does not truly understand what designer products actually are. There is a wrong perception that designer products are and should be expensive and reserved for the elite. This is just the opposite. A good product (designer product) should be available to and for everyone. On the other hand, designer products in Croatia are expensive as a result of non-existing industrial production. So the outcome of the production is small and in a limited series, which of course increases the price of products.

By the end of the year I plan on opening my own showroom and web shop to make my products more available locally and abroad.

What is your creed as a product designer?

My motto is that products, like people, have to have their own character – that is what makes them more appealing. If a product can make people smile and bring joy to their lives, I have done my job. This is exactly why I try to make charming and affordable products that enrich and embellish every home, office and any other space, and to make people’s lives more pleasant and comfortable.

Filip Gordon Frank_Mini Me_white-yellow