Lei Lou by Alex is one of the most popular Croatian designer brands. What is the key to your success? 

I am often asked this question and my answer is that it is complex, first of all because it is ungrateful to talk about myself in superlative. The easiest way to explain it would be that the framework such positive results come from my organizational skills and thinking things through thoroughly and consequently fit to lead. However, if there is the lack of a good design and quality materials all these characteristics would be useless.

It is known that you are the first ambassador of your own brand and that you proudly wear your creations daily. Can you please describe the personality of a Lei Lou woman and what she represents?

I am glad that you have recognized that I most often wear my own creations and this is so because I stand behind my work and would never design something just because it could eventually sell, but because I want to feel comfortable in it. This method has proven to be a successful one for me from the beginning; people love to see me wear my creations and I love to see others wearing my creations. This mutual love is what has brought Lei Lou to where it is today. What type of women are Lei Lou women? We are silly and freewheeling when we wear our dresses with pantyhose and running shoes or when it’s a day to wear cotton Lei Lou with UGG boots and a vest. But we are also serious and responsible women when we are wearing our favorite cut dresses under a blazer for an important meeting or dinner, or even wearing a coat made of faux fur when going out with a loved one or friends. I am overwhelmed with happiness when I think about how many important life events are marked with my dresses, and I personally know this because I receive daily pictures from these moments through all my media channels. A Lei Lou woman is a gentle warrior, a modern rebel, a dame, and forever young, it all depends on who you are within.

Personal style is very individual and subjective. What styles are dominant in you fall/winter 2015 collection? What advice would you share with women when it comes to style? 

I am a huge fan of Italian fashion and design, which is apparent in my designs. I love their iconic elegance and cuts; they are always chic and feminine, with unmistakable eye for detail and that is why they are most often my biggest inspiration. I do not like to give advice on people’s style, first of all because style is very individual and personal, but I do always tell women to not worry about what they are wearing but to wear what they feel comfortable in. Our new collection that has a bit of retro flare to it, is very world trendy with beautiful dresses and even more exquisite coats that will keep you warm during this winter season. 🙂