How did Elderice start? How did you come to an idea to do this kind of textile products?

Elderice is a screen-printing textile studio located in Zagreb that makes small runs of hand screen-printed fabrics. We started it in 2010 as a project which would show our creative process. Æeljka was always interested in visual arts and graphic design, and Iva in sewing and pattern making. Hand-printed fabrics seemed as a perfect platform to bring our ideas and interests to life. At first our techniques included stamping and hand painting the fabrics, but later on we started working on hand screen-printing techniques which we use today as our standard production process.


Can you describe your process of production?

It all starts with sketches and drawings which later become prototypes for graphics, patterns and final products. We don’t necessarily use those ideas immediately — sometimes they need to rest for a while. After we decide which pattern will be turned into silk screen graphic, we move on to the next step, which is screen printing fabrics by hand. The fabrics need to be completely dry before we start cutting and tailoring them for sewing and turning them into final products. Each fabric has its own unique print and signature. That’s the beauty of the process, because it reflects the specific conditions in which the print was made.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from our surroundings, mostly nature and architecture. Everything in nature is an inspiration – movement of branches, shapes like twigs, plants, herbs, pine needles, shadows, raw mountain landscapes, but also repetitive manmade landscape and architecture. The point is to find visual balance in fluid natural shapes and sharp geometrical forms.


What can we find in your assortment which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season?

For the holiday season we have a brand-new graphic called Animal forest, inspired by a beautiful Croatian fairy tale “Hedgehog’s home”. The graphic is perfect for cold winter days as it evokes warmth and comfort of carefree childhood days. Our assortment for holidays includes enamel mugs, ceramic cups, and fabric baskets which are an ideal holiday gift because of their versatile use in living or working space. We also have a variety of pillow covers, tea towels and table runners. Our nature and urban inspired prints will easily blend into any living space and make for an original holiday gift.