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Boya crayons are the proud holder of a Red Dot Award. Walk us through the process from idea to realization.

In my third year at School of Design on the Faculty of Architecture, I started playing with the idea after an open tender for redesign of fountain pens and propelling pencils by a local company. As an educated designer, it seemed to me a bit redundant to make just cosmetic modifications on already existing products. After identifying the needs and the problems of available products, a vision came to me for a model of a new crayon design. Luckily, the tender got canceled so I got to play with my vision and design for additional 10 years before placing it on the market. The driving force was to materialize my own vision, to make it tangible and to test something I myself have created.


Why are Boya crayons beneficial for a child’s development?

The development of creativity in children is immensely important in the process of growing up and finding their emotional expression that has a great impact later in a child’s life. Allowing children to be creative evokes exploration, curiosity, out-of-the-box thinking and results in confidence. The unusual shape of Boya crayons is specially designed to enable exactly that – the curiosity and freedom of a child. Boya is also suitable to children with special needs as it has no sharp edges and is safe to use. A special mixture of dry and wax crayons of Boya results in color on paper and non on the hands. Also, they last longer and are harder to break.



For whom are Boya crayons meant for and where can they be found?

The ergonomic design of Boya crayons meets the needs of draftsmen, amateur artists and children. They are fully functional drawing tools. The functionality of the shape is best demonstrated while drawing on large scale formats. The ergonomical shape allows stable and energetic movements of the hand. Additionally it allows absolute adaptation to each author’s functional form. Boya crayons make shading and drawing of lines much easier and provide a freer and safer movement when creating artistic expressions.

You can find Boya in specialized designer stores in Zagreb such as Take me home and Croatian Design Superstore, as well as Galerija Link, Izum and Museum of Broken Relationships.