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Modus store has acquired a certain reputation as being more that just a design store but rather an institution for design. How did you obtain such a status?

This year, Modus store is celebrating a milestone – 20 years of existence. Modus started as a product of passion for design. In this jubilee year it is still full of energy, potential and plans, and will continue to live and exists in that manner.

Our guiding light always seemed to be a constant – establishing our relationship to objects; the search for something intangible, added value and quality; experience of the subject as a magical object that can cause emotions, stimulate the imagination… In this sense, Modus serves as a communicator of these stories, experiences and cognition.




What does the dogma of design mean to you? And who do you perceive as the foremost leaders in design?

The concept of design is ever solving, improving, changing, communicating force and in fact has no limit in function. Therefore, for me, sculpture, design and art are a part of the same family.

The most important leaders and my favorite teachers still remain Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari. I also follow the Dutch scene in which there is an abundance of interesting authors, such as Ontwerpduo and the exciting Droog which are presented in Modus store and spirit.

I can say that I cultivate special fondness and respect for the Scandinavian designers and their work that, like Japanese authors also, repeatedly impress me and amaze.


Modus offer consists partly of Croatian designer items, and some of these products are made exclusively for Modus. How would you describe the Croatian product design?

We find that the especially important segment of Modus life and experience is the cooperation with the local designers. Through exhibitions, creative meetings and introductions, we establish new relationships and set the foundations for the future and new opportunities. Modus’s cooperation with Grupa, Ivan Levak, Filip G. Frank, Dušan Ratković and the Gooma has proven just that. Products that were several years ago designed for Modus are still here and have grown in popularity.


What are plans for the future of Modus?

For this year, we will try to develop a new story and give the design a new chance. We hope that in this way we will make a contribution to the vibrancy and development of our designer reality.