Can you tell us a bit more about Koza? How did you start creating leather bags?

Almost for a decade now my family has been making leather goods. My brother Velibor came up with the idea to open an atelier and include members of our family one by one. Now, I am the creative director of company which has been growing. Our productions started in our home and now we have four family members employed and few artisan associates in our daily operation.

So, the idea came from the family? Why leather bags?

The sound of sewing machines was always present in our home. My mother is a very creative person and has been making clothes and bags for us since we were children. She taught us to work with variety of materials, but when we discovered leather we discovered a material that offered beauty like no other. We have a great appreciation for leather. Everything you make from it after some time becomes patina and adds value to the item.

How did your project develop?

We opened our first shop in Istra (Poreč) and the symbol of that region is a goat. That’s why we named our company Koza which means goat. In Croatia the goat is a noble animal because it is adaptable, witty and useful, especially for (in) that region. Last year we returned to our home town and neighbourhood in Zagreb where we grew up and opened a workshop in the old part of the city. The shop in Zagreb is interesting because besides being able to purchase bags, you can see how they are created. You can watch the entire process! I make bags on an old Singer machine and use high quality leather from Croatia. We combine high quality materials with simple cuts and colour blocks. Simple design, lightness and adjustable straps are some of the reasons why women choose our bags when they want an effortless, but stylish item.