What is your opinion on the new interpretations of old traditions and motifs in our souvenirs and products?

Traditional craft products provide great opportunities for contemporary interpretations, which is very inspiring for designers. Several products that were created in collaboration between craftsmen and designers resulted in really witty and intelligent interpretations. To name just one- raincoat “Kaplja” inspired by Šestine umbrellas (designed by Ana Rimac in cooperation with craftsmanship Cerovečki).


Name your favorite travel destination and an item purchased on the trip.

I love to travel through Europe’s large and exciting cities. Usually I buy designer items and food. In Paris, certainly it makes sense to buy macaroons by Pierre Hermé (which unfortunately disappear way too fast but the experience remains). In Amsterdam I bought a romantic paper curtain by Dutch designer Tord Boontje which hangs in my dining room and always reminds me on that trip.


What are the points of improvement regarding traditional products and market needs?

First and foremost, it is important to understand the sensibility of the tradition, heritage and local identity, before the market needs. Traditional craft techniques can be reinterpreted in the form of new product design. That does not mean that the products are contemporary or reinterpreted. Craft items, if they are well made ​​and authentic, are wonderful souvenirs (such as Pag lace). Unfortunately it is clear that their existence in the market is uncertain.


Tell us a little bit about your new project Croatia à la carte.

Croatia à la carte is envisioned as a fun social game with traditional recipes and everyday local ingredients in its focus. The rules of the game are quite unique, the playing cards are accompanied by a cookbook, there are detailed recipes and interesting explanations. Already, Croatia à la carte is a complete success among tourists because of their interest in Croatian cuisine.