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How would you describe a standard offer of Croatian souvenirs?

Except for a smaller number of quality products that are locally produced with care and tradition, most souvenirs offered are imported and not of a great quality, they are catered towards mass markets.


What is your opinion on the new interpretations of old traditions and motifs in our souvenirs and products?

Croatian designers often try to incorporate old craftsmanship, traditional materials or techniques into contemporary designs, or try to reinterpret, redesign and reuse traditional objects or customs common to Croatians. This has resulted in excellent products – souvenirs with a twist, as I like to call them.


Which are your favorite souvenir products that can be found in our stores?

Some of my favorites include Croatia a la carte cooking card game, Croatia as it is bags, Pij! ceramic set, KRTZ! walnut opener, BašČipka hot pot holders, Lavender grinds, Ban in movement / Licitar bags and umbrellas, Brokula&Ž and Lega-Lega brands.


In your opinion do our products satisfy modern market needs?

Definitely. Good designs are always practical and today incorporation of care for the environment and using local resources is necessary. As for the originality, some of the products are very original while others make up for the lack of creativity through other qualities.


What inspired you to open Take me home design shop? 

I saw a gap in the market for the kind of products we are talking about today and wanted to offer something better to Zagreb’s numerous visitors while, at the same time, promoting local products and Croatian designs.



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