Notes of Zagreb is a perfect example of different kind of souvenir. Can you tell us a bit more about your products?

In our oasis of fragrances one can find incense sticks, scented candles made from soy wax with wooden wicks, perfumes for the home and fabrics as well as perfumes for dogs. In every bottle we want to expose the spirit of Zagreb. Not only through scents, the name of the brand and Zagreb’s coat of arms but the perfumes are given names from the different sights found throughout the city, parts of history and locations around Zagreb. You can find scents with names such as The Witch of Grich, Secret of the Bloody Bridge, The Well of Life, Golden Bull, Upper Town…

How are the scents for Notes of Zagreb created? What are the main notes that they consist of?

In the process of creating our perfumes, we cooperate with Zagreb’s botanical garden to reveal interesting fragrances of the different seasons in the city. For instance, in the spring Zagreb exudes of magnolia, lily of the valley, lilac, and rose scents that we have transformed into our perfumes with pinches of pepper, frankincense and a dash of wooden scents such as poplar and patchouli.

How do people react to your products?

Some of the scents bring people back to a time where they would sit on a bench chewing on Negro or Bronhi candies, even back to smells of Sunday mass, some smells bring people back to their grandmothers homes. Others are stunned by new fresh and simple smells, or they discover new smells that they would never think they would be fond of and would use in their homes.