How did you come up with the idea for Gloopy products?

I had a bit of lavender in my garden and I wanted to store it in a new, fun way. My son suggested making a spider filled with lavender and that is how the first Gloopy Wardrobe Creature came to be! After that, Sunčana and I started putting one idea to another and our friend Katarina added the final touches with her rhymes.


Can you describe the production process and the uniqueness of your products?

We have different professions and due to that, we have different approaches when it comes to creating products. Our process includes changing shapes, trying different materials and working on every detail until we are completely satisfied. On the other hand it is important to be playful, creative and enjoy every step of it.

We want to be different so we gave our Gloopy products personality, we created them from eco-friendly materials and most of it is done by hand.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Traveling, books, stories, comics, music and of course children! We also find old forgotten toys and objects very interesting. Exactly those items are challenging for us because we want to take ordinary and create extraordinary.


And for the future…

So many plans and ideas, so little time!



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