Can you describe your humble beginnings and tell us more about the development of your fashion brand?

To be honest, I can’t even remember how I started! It was 30 years ago! Everything came naturally, and I developed, step by step, as a member of the New wave generation. The entire fashion scene was significantly different if we compare it to the one today. A very important aspect of my work, besides creativity, is the quality of the workmanship. I was lucky that from the very beginning I had a chance to work with outstanding tailors. When we combined my imaginativeness with premium craftsmanship we got a brand that everyone wanted to wear. From that moment on, I just kept going forward. I was never interested in the past, on the contrary, I always look at least 6 months into the future. Everything that was, that happened, I leave behind, and I focus on what there is to come.

This year you celebrated 30 years of your craftsmanship by opening XD Design Center in Čakovec where your headquarters are situated. What do you see as your design center’s mission?

This center has been my long-term vision and desire. It is built on the location of reconstructed stables from 1920. We preserved everything we could, and we added new facilities, in the spirit of the contemporary architecture style. It is the most modern and the largest showroom in Croatia. This is the first project of this kind in Croatia and fully enables the entire design process in one place, starting from the initial sketch to the presentation of complete collections to the buyers and media.

What still inspires you in the fashion industry?

My inspiration starts from fabrics, a special story, nature, people, my clients… Good design is the one which sells and which is usable. In that way, we meet the requirements of our clients, but at the same time, keep our creativity and an artistic line. These two things together give us excellent results! And this is an ongoing inspiration for me!