Kutjevo – 785 years of winemaking passion

KUTJEVO is one of the oldest wine cellars in South-Eastern Europe; built in 1232, it stands for passion and knowledge developed through centuries of dedicated work at the Kutjevo wine estate. It is this long-lasting tradition that enabled the creation of famous wines such as Grasevina, which is one of the cornerstones of the Croatian wine culture today.

The Kutjevo WINE CELLAR is further renowned for its unparalleled wine archive in Croatia, with a rare example of Graπevina from 1947 in its possession. Today, Kutjevo’s production encompasses 1,000 ha of vineyards, extending over the southern slopes of the GOLDEN VALLEY.
The grape variety of GRASEVINA (Welschriesling) first appeared in the Kutjevo wine hills in 1853, soon proving to be an excellent location for creating one of the best wines of the variety. In 1976 Kutjevo’s Grasevina was acknowledged as the first premium quality wine in continental Croatia by a committee of experts from the Institute of Viticulture.

DE GOTHO series of wines by Kutjevo contain only grapes grown in the sunniest vineyards and are harvested later, when the quality of the grapes is at its peak. This category holds Grasevina and Pinot noir which are ripened in high quality barrels made of famous Slavonian oak.
WHITE WINES with harmonious tastes are dominant, their aroma evokes memories of ripe fruits, various flowers and meadow grass, beginning with the more neutral, transitioning to stronger aromas.

Additionally, Kutjevo offers aromatic DRY WINES without sugar and SWEET WINES from the later harvests, as well as RED WINES, which with ripened tannins remind of dark fruit, strong herbs and violas, roses, vanilla and tobacco.
Kutjevo is the wine maker that won the most awards at fairs in Croatia and abroad, wining 50 prestigious WINE AWARDS every year: Championship awards, great golden and golden medals, from domestic to the most prestigious international competitions, like the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Decanter or Mundus vini.
For an extensive wine offer and premium service, visit Kutjevo wine shop at the Jarun market (Pakoπtanska 5).