You are a graduated product designer, but known for your playful hand drawn illustrations. How did your hobby become your profession?

Creating cheerful drawings has been a hobby of mine for years. I spent every free moment, evenings and weekends drawing and then after a long time I realized that this is what I want to do every day, all day, not only as a hobby but as s profession too. So, I decided to take the risk, give it a chance to something I really love and see what will turn out of it. So far it seems that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Can you describe us a process of creating an illustration and applying it on the product itself?

For each drawing I make an initial sketch on paper. In that process I apply all the changes if they are needed and then I proceed with the coloring process using watercolors. The exterior lines are checked with radiograph (special technical pen) and this is the last step in creating a drawing. The second step is applying the drawing on different products we do (mugs, magnets, shirts…), which starts with scanning, continues with soft finishes in Photoshop and finally the drawing is ready for the print preparation. For example, on mugs we print ourselves using modern techniques of thermopress and sublimation printing and for some other products from our offer we have a great team of associates that are helping us in this process.

There are many different illustration based products which came out of your creative workshop – Lana’s Duckass. Can you tell us more about them?

In our workshop, by now we have a lot of products 🙂 The best known are a series of illustrations of Croatian inventors and Zagreb’s attractions, applied on cups, magnets, money-boxes, cotton bags, T-shirts, coasters or mousepad. Nevertheless, we have a lot of individual custom drawings for different occasions and products. For example, Birthday or wedding cards, thematic drawings for companies applied on different products, such as watches, hangers or umbrellas.

Illustrated products by Lana Hudina are sold at: Galerija Link and Take me home – Croatian design shop.