How did you come up with the idea to make personalized piggy banks?

The idea of a piggy bank came accidentally and spontaneously. While playing a game with the children, my husband and I made a piggy bank out of material that we found at home, which would otherwise end up as waste. We used the piggy bank to save up for holidays. Looking at it every day, we decided that it should get a name because it had its own character. Slowly, we started making other piggy banks, which we would name and write stories about for their future owners. We created a website and interested customers came with their personal wishes, so we started to manufacture personalized piggy banks. In a way, we helped them realize their dreams and aspirations. Whether it was a desire for travel, new shoes, new home, or displaying memories of weddings, graduations or baptisms. Therefore, we have about 15 permanent models of piggy banks and the rest is custom made.


How did Mašenka come to existence and what is her story?

Mašenka came into being one Sunday afternoon on a paper from our daughter’s notebook. We wanted to create a character that will advertise our hair bow. We posted illustrations on Facebook and asked our fans to help us with the name. We received about 140 ideas and decided to name her Mašenka because it sounded vintage. Mašenka is a vintage girl who lives in a time frame from 1890-1980 in our illustrations and loves bows (Bow = Mašna on Croatian). Soon, we started getting requests from girls and women for jewelry and other accessories with the Mašenka character. That is how we were inspired to make jewelry from semi-precious stones, corals, and pearls, as well as

t-shirts, bags, and diaries. Every year, we have a couple of new Mašenka illustrations, following the color trends, but also giving them our distinctive vintage style.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Since Le Prase is a family business, all the ideas and designs come from my husband Alan and me. We are inspired by the old days when there were more empathy and love, laughter and joy. The two of us are the happiest when we see our satisfied customers.