Like a Map products were a result of an interesting collaboration between you as a designer and a cartographer. How did you come to an idea to apply map prints to everyday products?

Personally, I find forms of city ground planes very interesting in a clear graphical view. If we look at any map print only in this way, without street names, geographic toponyms, and other thematic content, we can see a very impressive graphic design, which is also the unique identity of each city. To work on illustration and design on this subject is very creative. Thanks to my husband’s profession of cartography, I have come closer to this interesting topic. Applying map prints to everyday items is not an innovation, but an intent to make these items an original reminder of beautiful memories from a particular city.


What can we find in your product portfolio?

In the Like a Map collection, you can find original notebooks and canvas bags with the map prints of the cities of Zagreb and Hvar, available in two colors. Those are actually everyday items, which we all use. So, we find it interesting that with your everyday bag, you also carry the memories of your trip to Zagreb – it is almost as if you were on vacation all the time! We are continuously expanding our offer with new items, so you can expect more products to come.


Your products are completely made  in Croatia. Can you describe to us a process from an idea to the finalized product?

After the conceptual process, the production process is extremely important for achieving premium quality of the final product. For this reason, we are glad that we can do all the production and the development in Croatia. We are involved in the entire process – pointing corrections, tracking the process in the making, and when we finally get the products which are of the highest standards, we know that our buyers will be delighted and have a long lasting reminder of our beautiful cities.