Who are the people behind the brand Can you tell us a bit more about the products you create?

MultiRational Company is a creative studio behind the idea of Prostor, one of the first Croatian design stores. Actually, we are Dara & Darko Dominik. We are passionate about creating quality handcrafted products made in synergy between traditional artistry and contemporary aesthetics. Our main interests so far are bags and backpacks, but we design other products, too.


Besides producing contemporary products for everyday usage, you also run the Prostor shop in Rovinj. What are the differences between creating your own goods and running a design shop?

These are two completely different things, but the experience we have gained from running a design store for more than 10 years now has helped us a lot with our own brand, production and all other important elements this creative business includes. We work with our designer partners, partner shops and customers, which gives us great insight into people’s interests and helps us to be better in what we do.


How does the Zagreb tourist scene compare to the one in the coastal area?

We have spent the past three summer seasons working in Rovinj at our store and the other six months we have been in Zagreb working on our own products. We are pretty busy. Our store is situated in the design hotel Lone in Rovinj and the guests of the hotel are our main customers. We think tourists are pretty much the same everywhere. Happy, interested and more inclined to buy original products. From our experience, they appreciate our country, people and Croatian design more than we locals do.


Where does your inspiration come from?

We find inspiration in everything. Everyday life, culture, nature, the past and the present. We both find beauty in simplicity and we love clean lines design and quality functional things. I myself am inspired by traditional artisans, vintage utility gear, retro army products and industrial design; grey, brown and blue are my favourite colours. I like industrial design, while Dara is more playful, so we complement each other well.


You can find products in Galerija Link (Radićeva 27) & Market concept store (Frane Petrića 3). When visiting Rovinj, make sure to stop by the Prostor shop located in the design hotel Lone (Luje Adamovića 31) for a wide array of products from, as well as from Croatian designers.