1. Croatia Airlines offers direct flights to 39 destinations in 24 European countries, introducing this year four new direct lines. Can you tell us a bit more about the expansion of your international routes?

During this year’s summer season, Croatia Airlines flew directly to 39 destinations across 24 European countries. This is the second consecutive year in which Croatia Airlines expanded its network, offering four new international routes. In terms of the Scandinavian market, Croatia Airlines increased the frequency of the flights per week to this region; beginning in May, we included three new destinations – Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. Also in May, the airline introduced direct international flights between Zagreb and Bucharest. Last year, the company introduced direct flights from Zagreb to Lisbon, Milan, Prague and St. Petersburg, which were also carried out this tourist season. Thus, within a period of 365 days, Croatia Airlines’ passengers were been offered as many as eight new international routes. As a result of this network expansion, the company is able to provide strong support for the development of Croatian tourism and contribute to the overall business sector.

2. Numerous visitors have an opportunity to discover magnificent Croatian destinations flying with Croatia Airlines. Which flights are available from Zagreb to other Croatian cities?

Croatia Airlines, in its 28 years of existence, has connected Croatian cities with the most important European centres and, through them, the entire world. The airline connects Croatia with major European cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Pristina, Rome, Sankt Petersburg, Sarajevo, Skopje, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vienna, and Zurich. In Croatia, the airline has flights to Zagreb, Bol, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Split and Zadar.

3. Since November 2016 the airline has been offering business class passengers an inflight food program called ‘Inspired by Croatia’. Which meals are featured in that inspiring offer?

The menu, created for business-class passengers, has become the most important feature of every airline. Keeping this fact in mind, Croatia Airlines implemented the Inspired by Croatia project, which led to the creation of the new menu. The menu was carefully prepared for several months and the best way to present the Croatian delicacies was to use autochthonous ingredients prepared in accordance with traditional recipes. Thus, on a Croatia Airlines flight you can taste the Traditional pie, Beef stew, Turkey with homemade pasta, Lamb with millet, Marinated white fish, Carob and Split cake etc.