Situated in the very heart of downtown, the Flower square is Zagreb’s favorite promenade where you go to see and be seen. What you probably do not know is that beneath it still lays an old cemetery which was used from the 14th to the 18th century.

TKALČIĆEVA STREET is the most popular bar strip today. Until the Second World War it was also a place for a “good time”, because almost every house on the street was a legal brothel!

DOLAC MARKET is the most popular farmers’ market in Zagreb. It is a vibrant, colorful and fun place to discover foods (and other products) grown and produced locally. We recommend you to pay a visit. The market works every day, but make sure to come before 2 pm. 

Photography by Marko Vrdoljak

CROATIAN NATIONAL THEATER IN ZAGREB is a Neo-Baroque architectural monument and one of the most representative buildings from late 19th century. A less known fact is that the Theatere is connected to surrounding buildings with underground tunnels, where the biggest tunnel leads to street across – Academy of Dramatic Art. These tunnels are used every day by theater staff. In front of the Theater you can find the famous statue – called THE WELL OF LIFE by world-renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Take a photo in front of this impressive statue, which Meštrović created at a young age of only 22.


This little Medieval hilltop settlement is a charming and interesting part of Zagreb worth visiting. The cobble stone streets will lead you to numerous Zagreb museums, official government buildings, hidden courtyards, parks and promenades. There you can see the oldest pharmacy in Zagreb (which is still operating), mosaic roof of St. Mark’s church and the amazing Observatory.

When you are in the Upper town, a must see is the LOTRŠČAK TOWER where the Grič cannon is fired every day at noon. You can climb up the tower and enjoy the remarkable view. On the way down do not miss the opportunity to ride in Zagreb’s FUNICLUAR which is the shortest cable car (only 66 meters) in the world used for a public transportation. The ride lasts 55 seconds!

If you take a stroll down Tkalčićeva Street, make a stop by the interesting statue of MARIJA JURIĆ ZAGORKA – the most read and the most popular female author in Croatia.  She was the first Croatian female journalist and founder of the first newspaper for women, feminist and author of numerous novels. The greatest fame was brought to her by “Grička vještica” (The Witch of Grič), a cycle of seven romance and historical novels in which the main motives were witches, their persecution and burning. The novels symbolized the call to women to rebel. She lived at the Dolac Market and today her place is a museum- apartment, something you do not want to miss.

Did you know that the CITY LIGHTS in Upper town, Kaptol and Opatovina are still running on gas?! Today, 214 gas lamps are turned on manually every day, which takes about two hours.


If you enjoy nature, take a hike on Sljeme’s trails and visit MEDVEDGRAD. A small medieval fortified town located on the south slopes of Medvednica Mountain, constructed after the Tatar invasion in the 13th century. Recently, Medvedgrad was partly restored and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Below the main tower of the castle is the Oltar Domovine (Altar of the Homeland) which is dedicated to Croatian soldiers killed in the Croatian War of Independence.

To Medvedgrad are tied numerous legends and one of them includes THE BLACK QUEEN – cruel and mystical ruler of Medvedgrad. Allegedly there are unexplored underground corridors with the queen’s treasures still inside; even today these corridors connect Medvedgrad with St. Mark’s Church in the Upper town. The legend says that queen herself is trapped within those corridors, turned into a serpent queen because she was cursed by the Devil, whom she wanted to cheat.

Until the beginning of April, Mevedgrad is closed for the public, but you can get your own, private guided tour of the Medieval ‘Burg’, which is definitely a unique experience.

Photography by Marko Vrdoljak
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During the year, on special occasions, you can see the changing of the guard of honor in Zagreb – THE CRAVAT REGIMENT. The ceremony starts on the Upper Town and involves an entire formation of 12 soldiers and horsemen, after which they separate and head for St. Mark’s Square, Ban Josip Jelačić Square and Kaptol. They are accompanied by armorers, trumpeters, drummers, standard bearers and the commander. Dressed in replica uniforms of Croatian soldiers from the Thirty Years War in the 17th century, they  recreate  historical beginnings of ties, which is a unique contribution from Croatians to  the world’s cultural heritage.

kravata regiment
Photography by Marko Vrdoljak



Centers will provide you with all the information you need to know about the city. In their offices you can find numerous prospects, guides including Insight Design Guide and flyers with information  about Zagreb. There are five centres in total: three at arrival points (airport, bus station, train station), in the Lotrščak Tower and on the main square – Ban Josip Jelačić Square 11.