Ulični ormar is in the full sense a vintage & second hand shop. Tell us a bit more about your store.


About 5 years ago, during one of our endless coffee-chats, we realized we were drinking out of vintage cups, sitting in 1950s chairs, smoking like it was the ‘60s… going through Andreja’s latest vintage “catch” from her aunt’s closet…. All it took to get us from there to here, were the words “Wouldn’t it be fun….” 🙂 Since then it has been our mission to save all these special unique pieces of fashion from the claws of time and offer them a second chance to make someone else shine.

Where do you get all these beautiful pieces of clothing & accessories? I have noticed that you have some products well known in our region from the past.

Getting the right pieces is the hardest and, at the same time, the most exciting part of this adventure of ours. Some we find in old attics, old houses that are being demolished, from various auctions, from an aunt, a grandmother…. Unfortunately we find only few pieces from our regions but the rare ones we do find are certainly up to par with the pieces we find in our searches throughout Europe and US.

Do you think that vintage clothing is fashionable these days too? WHO are your customers?

Vintage clothing is always fashionable. Our regular customers are people that like the uniqueness, the quality, the stories our pieces have to tell. There are also a lot of tv/movie/theater costume designers and stylists who often visit us in search for the right piece for their project. Also, every few years the fashion revolves, designs from the past decades come back, unfortunately often in much lower quality and that is where we come in with the special originals.